Wednesday 24 August 2022

A matter of timing

 It's late August. We haven't had the Bank Holiday yet. According to Google it is still summer. The summer months are June, July and August. 

So what's with all these Christmas books that the publishers are currently promoting????

As you might guess, I find it disconcerting. I'm a summer person. Long days and warmth. I only do Christmas under protest, when I can't avoid it.

It seems, however, that book sales are becoming increasingly polarised. Authors are expected to produce a summer book and a Christmas book. As I have said, it's not me, I can't manage two books a year, for a start. 

When I was working in London, many moons ago, the Tuesday after the Bank Holiday was always an extra workplace holiday. As I'd had a birthday a few weeks before  which usually involved a gift of money, it became a bit of a tradition that on that Tuesday I would go shopping for a new winter coat, when the new winter stock had just arrived.  The thing would then hang in the wardrobe until the weather changed, which was often quite a while. I still have fond memories of a magnificent oversize grey tweed affair. I had burgundy boots, scarf and gloves to go with it. The boots had needle thin heels. 

Can't do those any more. 

Seems like publishing is getting a bit like fashion - ahead of itself. 

I don't buy a new winter coat every year now - can't afford it - and I won't buy a Christmas book either. Not yet. 

I know some people adore Christmas, but as I said, that's not me. It also seem a little sad that we are in danger of losing the in between times. You do get books that take place in Spring and Autumn, but Summer - covers with  sea, sun, surf, beach huts, deck chairs, ice-creams and Christmas - snow, snow and more snow - are the prevailing images.

To each their own, but it will be a while before I give up my summer reading. 


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