Wednesday 31 August 2022

Delayed gratification

 Books in series are very popular at the moment. Publishers like them because they gather a ready made audience, readers like them because they give the opportunity for recurring characters, longer story lines, and a sense of the familiar. 

But then comes the big question - how do you read yours? 

Are you a reader who goes in for the kill, ploughing through the lot, one after another? Or are you one for delayed gratification? 

I'm a delayed gratification. You can tell that from the half eaten chocolate bar in the fridge.  

I love finding a series I enjoy and then I like to read them one at a time  with a suitable interval in between. When I finish one I buy the next one, but I resist the temptation to read it straight away. Anticipation is all. I like to know that I have a little gem stashed away for future enjoyment, although I can sort of understand the impulse to read the lot. 

I also read in a variety of genres. If I've just enjoyed a historical I might want a contemporary, a thriller, a cosy crime next. 

It can be a disadvantage if the series is complicated and there is a lot of plotting going on, as these days I don't always remember the finer points, but I usually get by. 

Then there is the additional pleasure, once the series is complete, of going back then and reading them all, one after the other.

There's no right or wrong way. Whatever give you the most pleasure. That's what it's all about. 

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