Wednesday 5 October 2022

It's the little things ...

 Lately I've been focusing blog  posts on small details - things that could add atmosphere to a book. It's a matter of observation and collection - a personal library of bits and bobs. Attention to surroundings and ideas on how small things might be used. 

With the accession of a new king there has been a lot of talk of the cypher that he will adopt, a monogram which will appear on post boxes, official buildings and documents. That's now been chosen and will gradually make it's way into the world. The attention drawn to post boxes made me look at a few while I was passing - I was very surprised to find one that had not the expected initials ER, but a cypher with a letter G. A box dating from the time of Queen Elizabeth's father, George VI. That box has been there for over 70 years! It was a particular surprise as the part of town has been extensively redeveloped. The redevelopment must have taken place around the box. I'm now curious as to what the road layout  was in the area before redevelopment. The historian in me surfacing. 

Will I ever use that in a book? Maybe. Perhaps my protagonists might be delving into a mystery that involves the history of a built up area? It's giving me ideas, but they will have to wait until some time in the future. I have other plans in the meantime, although currently my attention is on repairing and updating my home. 

It's going in my bank of odds and ends, something that might add texture to a future plot. 

The unexpected power of the little things ...

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