Wednesday 19 October 2022

Retreat report

It was a very good day. Lots of work done, encouragement and laughter. The Cariad group are/is awesome. 

Personally - yes, I was still in my fluffy purple dressing gown for the first session. Author note - the colour purple was not a real choice - all that was available in the M&S sale! I was dressed and respectable for the other sessions. Well - I was dressed. 

Work. I settled down with some blank sheets of paper and a slightly blank mind. Happy to report that some progress was made. My protagonists from what may be Riviera 4.5 (Novella) and Riviera 5 (Book) were prepared to talk to me and I understand them better now. Hero Mickey reminds me of Devlin in Never Coming Home. The strong silent type. I made some headway in sorting out the direction of travel for the plot(s).  

Still some way to go, and I have to get Riviera 4 on the road before anything serious happens. Then we shall see if I can make it all work.   

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