Wednesday 26 July 2023

A hidden gem

 It's always interesting to find something in your local area that you didn't know about. I've recently discovered a hidden gem in Cardiff. It's a tiled corridor in the old library, which is now a local museum. 

I know a bit about the life of the library during WWII thanks to the PhD thesis, mainly about the fire watchers on the roof who operated in shifts to spot and deal with incendiary bombs that might threaten the building. Didn't know a thing about the corridor until a visit with  a friend. It's covered floor to ceiling with colourful tiles depicting the four seasons. I have a thing for Victorian tiles, so I was thrilled to find it. I took pictures, but the corridor is quite dark - probably to preserve the colours? Will it find it's way into a future book? Maybe. As I said, I have a thing for those tiles and I like to feature Victorian and Edwardian buildings in the books. One of the ones I'm currently incubating has an Arts and Crafts house. I need to do some more research about the style of the interiors of those homes - at the moment I'm researching the garden. The dates suggest it might be feasible that highly decorated tiles might feature. We will all have to wait to find out. 

The drinking fountain in the foyer
 is in the light and more visible! 

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