Wednesday 2 August 2023

Parting is such sweet sorrow.

 Over the last two years I have had to have the walls to the rear of the house completely replaced. Expensive and messy and time consuming - and my pots of plants did not like it at all! 

The wall between the houses was always picturesque - faded terracotta plaster and old stones. That's a shot of part of it at the top of the blog. Then, when I investigated what was under the ivy, which was getting a bit out of hand, things were not good. The wall was in danger of falling down. The ivy may have been all that was holding it up.

Well, it's gone now - replaced by a brand new set of blocks. I have to say, it looks a bit bleak at the moment. Prison yard has been mentioned. Better now the plants are back from their huddle by the dustbins, but I still miss the old one keenly. I'm trying to look forward to planning what I can do with the new look. It will happen, but at the moment, although I appreciate the workmanship, and am very grateful it is not going to fall on me, the new version is not the same.    I'm going to have to perk up and look at all those gardening books for some inspiration. It is after all, only a wall. 



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