Wednesday 9 August 2023

The Georgian House, Bristol

 Now that I am getting back to regular trips out/out I'm starting on the bucket list. The Georgian House in Bristol was ticked off last week. It was an interesting morning - the house is small, in a quiet street, with a view from the upstairs rooms over the city. As with so many places in Bristol the family's wealth was involved in the slave trade and exhibits in the house explained and illustrated this. The rooms are furnished in period and I was impressed by the stone staircase and the 'mod cons' including a service lift that would take food from kitchen to dining room and the cold plunge pool in the basement. Not sure I would want to sample that one, but apparently it was a habit for the owner of the house. The range in the kitchen reminded me of the much smaller version in my Grandmother's house when I was  a child. The kettle was regularly boiled on the fire and she still cooked on it on occasion - and I remember making toast with a fancy brass toasting fork! 

As I am currently working on a short story that may or may not have a ghost in it, which takes place in a similar house in Bath, I can happily claim that the whole visit was research. We didn't meet any ghosts. 

front view

back view

first floor drawing room

main bedroom

those stairs

the kitchen range


  1. I love poking around interesting old houses like that!