Friday, 17 May 2013

Back in the UK - and welcoming new friends from the USA

Well, I am back in wet Wales after my short tour of the United States - I'm still on New Jersey time at the moment, but I'm sure I'll get back to normal soon - or what passes for normal, given that I am a writer, and as you know, writers talk to people no one else can see. I did some fabulous things, saw some fabulous sights and, above all, met some fabulous people, during my working holiday in the US. If you were one of them, taking a look at my blog for the first time - you're very welcome. I blog once a week - on a Wednesday. (How cool is that!) And sometimes on other days too, if I have special news, or something that won't wait. I talk about what is going on in my world, my books, places I have been ...

In the next few weeks I'll be catching up on posts from the RT Booklovers' Convention in Kansas City, on visiting New York, on my very first US bookstore signing for Barnes and Noble and on the RNA summer party, where I have to relinquish the Joan Hessayon trophy.
If they can find me ...

I hope you'll join me to read about all these things. And if this is your first visit - once again, WELCOME.

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