Wednesday 26 November 2014

Short story long

If anyone says the words 'Short Story' to me I show a distinct tendency to hyperventilate. It's not the 'story' part that gets me - I love to tell stories, I've been doing it all my life. The bit that has me running for the hills is the 'short'. My evolution as a writer has shown that I like complicated plots. Complicated plots tend not to fit into small spaces - so, I don't do short. I do very small - like a few hundred words, but not 'short'. Yes, I know - but writers are weird.

Which is why, when my publishers, Choc-Lit, started to talk about an anthology of short stories a while ago, I did the equivalent of sticking my fingers in my ears and humming loudly. But then everyone else was doing them, and I started to wonder. And then I had an idea that I thought might turn around in a smaller space. Might. Just might.

So, I had a go, and produced a story I was rather pleased with, considering I don't do short stories. But when the anthology was ready - the first Choclit collective, Love Match - I was up to my eyes with editing and proofing for Out of Sight Out of Mind and the prospect of more of the same was not top of my agenda. I waved the others, and the anthology, on with a smile and promised myself I'd look at it again some day, with a view to making it longer, and turning it into a novella.

But - the guys at Choc-lit Towers don't give up that easily. When the idea of a second anthology was suggested - Fairground Attraction was added to the list and is making its debut in Kisses and Cupcakes. The brand new Choclit collection, just in time for Xmas. It's an autumn story, set in November and it doesn't actually have a cup cake in it. I hope reader will like it, even so.

And you can buy it from Amazon here

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