Wednesday 10 February 2016

Armchair travelling

I have the guide books - and in some cases, the tee shirt.
There is not too much to be said for January and February, as I am not a fan of the winter months - but it does mark the return of the light - I hate dark evenings and mornings. And it also brings holiday brochures. To which I am addicted. I love 'em. They will keep me amused for hours. And at this time of the year there is barely a day goes by that something with pretty pictures and enticing promises does not drop through my letter box.

I haven't been able to do much travelling in the last few years, as I was caring for my mother and I can't start booking anything yet, as I am awaiting an operation that seems to be a long time coming, but I have high hopes for the end of the year. And next year, and the year after that ...

In the meantime, I can always look at the pictures. And make lists.

Of course a lot of the things on the list will be prospective locations for books, and a lot are as the result of reading other people's books. So what's currently on the wish list?

Sorrento and the Amalfi Coast, in Italy. A part of Italy I have never visited. In particular I would like to see Monte Cassino, which was the site of major battles during World War Two. My research suggests that my father was there, but he rarely talked about his war experiences. I want to find out more and I also want to use it for a scene in a novel that I hope will one day see the light of day, rather than the dark of the back of my mind.

Florence - site of some of my favourite scenes in Never Coming Home, and just because.

The Classical Sites of Greece and the Greek Islands. The Marys Stewart and Renault are responsible for this one. But I expect I could manage to get a book out of it too.

Paris - another just because - but again, there has to be a book in it.

The Riviera. French or Italian or both. If I am going to have a series of 'Riviera romances' which I hope I will, then I'm going to have to visit for research, aren't I?

Berlin. Never been on my radar before, but since seeing the wonderful Bridge of Spies it's kind of crept up on me.

And of course any kind of cruise, where they change the scenery every day.

And the Orient Express ... Agatha Christie and Veronica Henry can take the blame for that one.

I think that is quite enough to fill up my holiday allowance for the next few years.


  1. Some great choices there - you'll be off somewhere soon I'm sure. Angela Britnell