Wednesday 24 February 2016

Writers' Houses

When I saw this whiskey I
couldn't  resist it. I haven't
sampled it  - yet.
The idea for this post came to me when I realised that almost every room in my house has a container of some sort with pens and pencils in it. In the hall it's my 'Record Office' pencil case, full of very pointy pencils for taking notes in archives (Most of them won't allow a pen within striking distance.) That's in my 'Record Office' bag, by the way. OCD me?

You see a lot of posts and articles about 'Where I write.' talking about one room - but what about the whole house?

So - a tongue in cheek list of the things that might tell you that this is a writer's home.

Computer - these days you need one of those for manuscripts, communication, looking at pictures of kittens and other research. There may be more than one. Plus a smart phone, tablet, e-book reader. Writers do their bit for the technology industries. Some go for state of the art - all mine are oldies - but as long as they work ...

Stationery - now I am old-fashioned and write with pen and ink, well, ball point. But you will probably find post-it notes, envelopes, notebooks, paper clips, ring binders. An awful lot of authors have a bit of a habit when it comes to paper products in particular.

Feline/canine assistant. To interfere with production of manuscripts, to encourage exercise on a regular basis, to provided cute/amusing/heart-rending clips for social media.

Tea/coffee for opening of eyes in the morning

Chocolate - sustenance, reward, comfort when the hero stalks off in a huff and refuses to come back or yet another rejection letter drops through the letter box.

Alcohol - for celebration or consoling of sorrows.

I DID say it was tongue in cheek.

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