Wednesday 17 February 2016


I posted last year about my plan to make a scrap book of stuff that would be useful for future books. I have to say that I am very pleased that I did it. It is/is going to be, very useful. It stops all that hunting though piles of old notes to find that thing I remember seeing and was sure I'd written down - somewhere. And it's a lot of fun. I like having fun.

Difficult to misplace
I've been having a quick look through, to check on some of the bits and bobs all put away neatly in a Zebra striped Lever Arch folder in transparent pockets. Well, maybe not neatly, but put away.

There is all kinds of stuff - some I may never use, some is going to be of major significance - one or two have me scratching my head wondering 'What was I thinking?' Like the note I have on the back of a file card that says - 'Senior year for detective.' I have NO idea what that means. Actually that one was tucked in an old diary before I had the scrap book. I like to think that I would have been a little less gnomic and maybe added a picture to tell myself what I meant.

collecting cuttings
What have I got in there? Lots about art, especially the PreRaphaelites. There is going to be a lost pre Raph book, one day. And probably about art theft too. Or maybe the same book. Lots about my corner of Wales - flora, fauna, history. Myths and legends, because they interest me. Pictures of people who are, or might be, heroes and heroines. I don't model my H and Hs on actual people - some authors like to use actors - but I do have an idea about a certain kind of 'look'. I have a cutting about the new dinosaur found on Penarth beach - what I am going to do with that I have no idea, but I'd love to get it into a story somewhere. There are fliers for exhibitions and pictures of buildings and cars.

Surprising omissions? Not much on foreign locations and not much on food - but I'm sure I will rectify that at some stage.

All in all, an eclectic collection.


  1. Mine is piled in a drawer and various notebooks and like you I often wonder why I wrote/cut out certain things. One day I'll organise it better - maybe!
    Angela Britnell

    1. Yes - it's that utter conviction when you write it down that you will know exactly what you meant that gets you every time.