Wednesday, 2 March 2016

A suitable job for a heroine?

While heroines don't often get involved in a great deal of housework (See post 13th January) they do usually have a job. Which means that the author gets to chose a career for them. I like something interesting, that sounds like it would be fun to do, so I am always looking round and storing up ideas. (If I was not a writer, this would be called 'being nosy.')

I've recently had to find homes for a lot of my late mother's possessions - which means that some of my dad's stuff that she had kept has also found it's way to me.

One of these was an old step ladder. My dad made it a very long time ago  and it has been very well used. Now I have a big butch metal step ladder that has plenty of space to grab hold of when I'm trying to hang light bulbs from Victorian ceilings. Dad's ladder is small, to be easily transportable and doesn't. And if I'd know how scary it was to use, I'd have kidnapped it from mum a long time ago.


Anyway. I wanted to keep it for sentimental reasons - it's part of my child hood and it was my DAD's. But I didn't want to use it for the purpose it was intended. So - I've painted it and now it is going to be a bookshelf.

Which has given me an idea for a heroine who does that sort of thing for a living. Now she just needs a book.


  1. Great idea, Evonne. Looks classy and would probably cost a bomb in a retro store.

    1. Thank you, Adrian. I'm wondering if it might be a side line worth exploring :)