Wednesday, 23 March 2016

So - what did you think?

Reviews - when you, the readers, tell authors what you think.

Power. Don't you just love it? And why not - readers are the ones shelling out good money to be entertained. And authors really do value the feedback. Really.

Writers always have a love/hate relationship with reviews. Love the good ones, hate the bad ones, right?

Well? Did you enjoy it?
Actually, it's not as simple as that. We've all read the glowing super enthusiastic review that makes the writer unfurl like a flower in the sunshine, but also wince slightly because it incidentally gives away some of the plot. And the thoughtful low star can be painful but useful if it makes some valid and interesting points that give an author food for thought. You can't change the book in print - but you can bear it in mind for the next one. (Thanks to a disgruntled reviewer, I now know how to spell 'breathe'.) We won't mention the one stars allocated because of a deficiency in the packaging or delivery. Those really do hurt.

We writers have to be brave. And it does not come easily. A book is a personal thing and often takes a long time to produce - almost certainly longer than it takes to read. Criticism always hurts - even when it is useful. But if we don't know about likes and dislikes, how can we produce more of the good stuff and improve the not so good.

So, if you have just read a book that you loved, and want to say thanks to the author for the time you have spent with their characters - leave a review. Tell your friends. Tell your enemies. Tell everyone.
And if you have not enjoyed your experience, well, you had better tell us about that too.

Leave a review. Please.

And know that your effort is appreciated. If sometimes through gritted teeth.


  1. Well said, Evonne! I'd prefer not to have the one star stingers but perhaps you're braver than me!

    1. Yep, the one stars hurt - and no denying that a five star can make you grin all day. Fragile flowers, us authors.