Wednesday, 15 July 2020

And the next book is on the horizon ...

It's been a busy week, as lock-downs go - several zooms, including the Romantic Novelist's Association  virtual conference  on Saturday. Lots of great speakers, and didn't even have to leave the house. The downside was that all the catering and washing up was down to me. It was remarkably   tiring too. I thought it was me, but at a chapter catch up later in the evening, everyone else said the same. There were the usual 1-2-1 sessions with agents and editors, that usually take place in person, and many friends got requests for manuscripts, so  lots of finger crossing going on.

The very big news since I saw you last is the I have signed the contract for the second Riviera Rouges, so I am waiting for scary edits. I also managed to send in the completely final version of the thesis, for publication on the university website, so now I am official and the project is now complete. I might even get some paperwork, eventually.

Getting the day job finally out of the way means that I should be able to concentrate on more writing, so I am hoping that it will not be two years before the next book comes out. I'm working on it, honest.

Except that there will be those edits ...

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