Wednesday 22 July 2020

Creating a smokescreen.

I had a good weekend with the WIP, which is coming along fine, creating some smokescreens. There has been some obscure stuff in the family's past which will only be pieced together as the book unfolds and it got me thinking about how rumour and gossip works, when people only know a small part of what really happened. As a result I am having a fun time creating a lot of Chinese Whispers, where snippets of the story get passed on and distorted and are partially true but only in bits. In a strange way, it has also helped me unravel the backstory, but don't ask me to explain how!

Anyway, all that is at an end now, as the edits for the last book have arrived, so there will be no new work for a while. I hope when I go back I can still remember where I was!

I'm being brave too and going out for a walk in the mornings, if the weather is good. I haven't taken the camera, but the picture below shows the view I haven't seen for several months.

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