Wednesday 29 July 2020

Quiet please, I'm editing. And going dark.

The edits arrived for A Wedding on the Riviera, and it looks like I'm keeping the title, so Yay! for that. Can't wait to see cover art.

But before that fun stuff, comes edits, which is when the book you wrote becomes the book that finally gets to appear in public. It's a process of concentration and fine tuning, so pardon me if this post is short.

After some exchanges with my editor, the book has taken a sudden turn for the dark, which pleases something disturbingly black in my soul and meant that I spent Saturday afternoon organising a murder. We writers have interesting lives.

Strawberry Hill 
I'm doubly happy about being encouraged to go darker, as this means that the next in series can follow the lead of its older sibling, and I can indulge myself in some Gothic style shenanigans, which will be great fun. (See black soul, above.) Gothic has taken my mind back to a visit a few summers ago to Strawberry Hill. Something to think about later.

I have to go now, but will find a picture of something pretty to prove I'm not entirely gone to the dark side.

This is apt, as the WIP has a garden, with roses. 

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