Wednesday 5 August 2020

Still editing. With dates. Sort of.

The edits for A Wedding on the Riviera have made progress. It now has a new ending, with added murder. Well, you know what I'm like. I'm supposed to be working, so this will be short, but I hope, sweet. The book is a mix of dark and light, because well, you know, weddings, and I had so much fun creating the wedding of my heroine's dreams, but also bumping people off. I hope readers will find the contrasts ... interesting?

I've seen three projected covers - all are gorgeous, but I must admit I have a favourite. It all depends now on whether the publishers' tasting panel, who get consulted over the choice, think the same way. Fingers crossed that they do!

Whatever the choice, the cover reveal is on the calendar for next week, with the book to follow in September. That's fast. Eek!

Think I'd better get back to those edits.

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