Wednesday, 29 December 2021

Are you sure it's Wednesday?

Around this time of the year the days get a bit blurred. But I am working, honest. 

The WIP is progressing, slowly - and I have been doing research! Video tours of Monaco and Monte Carlo, on-line snooping around apartments for sale in Bath, to find one for hero Elliot, as he's just invited Masie over for dinner, and also some drinking of oolong tea, which is one of his quirks. 

Christmas and birthdays are a good excuse to treat myself to some posh books from my local Indie bookshop, Griffin Books, in Penarth, who happen to be the bookshop of the month for January for the Crime Writers Association. 

My haul for Christmas was all for research - naturally. 

The South of France book is for the Riviera series - of course - and for the holiday in the South of France I really hope will finally happen this year. The dark skies/star gazing is for something in the future and the book on Ancient Egypt is for the WIP. 

I'm very pleased with them - and useful too. 

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