Wednesday 5 January 2022

Happy New Year?


I don't do resolutions - but I do have hopes for 2022. The obvious one is that we may at last get some semblance of normality back - but that is number one on everyone's list. I really do hope that I get that long postponed holiday in the South of France too, but again, that is dependent on things outside my control. 

One thing that is going to happen, that I am really looking forward to, is the release of the paperback version of A Wedding on the Riviera. It's been long delayed because of the virus, but it will be here this month. 

The main thing that I am hoping for is another book in the Riviera series - book four. I'm about half way through the first draft, so it is looking achievable, provided I am not de-railed. I know from experience  how easily that can happen - life gets in the way. Fingers crossed it won't happen this time and you will be enjoying Masie and Elliot's story before the end of the year. 

I'll keep you posted. 


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