Wednesday, 12 January 2022

We're watching you ...

Last week I researched tennis bracelets - a single strand of diamonds for those not it the know. I learned that on a Caribbean cruise many years ago. They were the complete height of fashion at the time but even now they still look good. You know I like diamonds (Hah!)  All the cruising ladies were intent on buying one from the fabulous jewelry stores they have out there. I had emerald earrings on my mind, but that is entirely a different story. These days I can no longer afford either cruise or jewelry, but those were fun times. 

I wanted the bracelet for WIP heroine Masie to wear to a rather posh do at a Learned Society in London, hence the research. (She couldn't afford it either - she borrowed it from Cassie, who is, of course, married to a billionaire.)  As a result of this piece of research, I got a lot of adverts in various feeds for upmarket bling. I very much enjoyed that, although there was no way I could afford what I was being offered. I don't mind being offered 'stuff'' although it is disconcerting to know how closely your browsing is being monitored on occasion. Sometime though, advertisers get it wrong. I'm still puzzling why a certain well known retailer would think I was interested in art supplies and sewing boxes. 

I've just checked the social media - it's currently offering me upmarket house paint and more jewelry. Fair enough, I've expressed an interest in both those.

As a suspense writer I find being stalked by advertisers a little on the creepy side. I'm sure there ought to be a story in there, but I can't think of one right at this moment. Be interesting if something does pop up. 

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