Wednesday 16 February 2022

A lot to learn?

 Regular readers will probably have realised by now that I am a bit off a junkie for academic stuff.  I'm not doing any more degrees - that really is too heavy - but that doesn't stop me sneaking off for the occasional quick fix. One of the few good things to come out of the pandemic is the availability of all sort of lectures and courses on line. Museums and universities in particular have transferred their offerings to the internet which means that the audience can join in for events which would be impossible in person. Large audiences with participants from all over the world are quite a regular thing. 

And, of course, I'm right there. In the last few weeks I've done lectures on swords, unicorns, and the influence of alchemy and of the occult on modern art. Tonight there is a talk on duels and on Friday I'm doing something on Egypt with the Ashmolian. That last is research for the WIP. And all without leaving the house.  

A lot of this stuff finds its way into books. Not quite sure if that will happen to the dueling and the unicorns, but the art often gets absorbed.  A couple of study sessions I did with the Wallace Collection on Watteau  have found their way into an unexpected part of the WIP. I hope that will add to the readers enjoyment, if and when it makes it to the outside world. 

Book news. WIP is moving, slowly. I had a good day on Sunday, when words flowed like a dream - which probably means there is a dirty great plot hole in there somewhere. Not found it yet - but give it time. A Villa in Portofino bounced into a best seller flag and out again, twice. Doesn't last long but it is fun. A Wedding on the Riviera was featured in Vale Life magazine. It's all good. 

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