Wednesday, 21 March 2012

Finally launched.

The sparkling wine was chilled, the chocolates (little mauve wrapped hearts) were waiting, the books were on display - Never Coming Home was about to be officially launched. I was nervous. Then people began to come though the door and  I didn't have time for nerves. I was much too busy meeting and greeting. And then showing off, and talking about myself, and the book.

I had a wonderful time,
as I think the photos show.

Thanks to Jan for taking them and to Veronica for doing such a grand job as Master of Ceremonies,  and Waterstones for hosting the event, and everyone who attended, and especially those who bought the book :) to everyone who asked questions, who laughed at my jokes and who were such a warm and supportive audience. 

One shelf gone

And another!

Thank you all.

Here's to the next time!   




  1. Excellent! Well done to you - and you look so professional too.

    1. Thanks Chris. It will soon be time for 'Move Over Darling' :)

  2. Congratulations Evonne. How exciting it all sounds/looks!

  3. Thanks Susan. It was exciting - a red letter day.