Wednesday 14 March 2012

Tomorrow is a Big Day.

I'll be signing these tomorrow!
15th March 2012. A red letter day. For a start, it is publication day in the United States. A big hello. I hope you enjoy it!

It is also the day of the official launch of Never Coming Home here in the UK. At 7 pm tomorrow evening I will be welcoming people to Waterstones in Cardiff to celebrate my first published book. My debut novel. WOW. This is a dream that has finally come true. It's taken a while.

There are bottles of bubbly chilling in the fridge, the chocolate hearts will be delivered later today and Waterstones have copies of the book for me to sign. SIGN. I have the camera charged up and the special pen, the gold one I have been saving for such a long time, just for this occasion.There will be a question and answer session and I hope the evening will be a lot of fun.

How do I feel? Excited. Apprehensive. Still not sure I'm not dreaming.

I really want everyone who makes the effort to come along to have a good time. I want to have a good time.

I want everything to be perfect. I'm going over the arrangements in my head at least twice an hour.

That's the control freak coming out.

Am I turning into Author-zilla?


  1. So sorry I can't be there, but I'll be thinking of you - enjoy!!

  2. I would have loved to have been there. I look forward to seeing all the pics afterwards and to hearing how it went. x

  3. Llongyfarchiadau, Evonne. I'm sorry I won't be there, but even though we're both in Wales you're two and a half hours away from me. All the very best with the launch - enjoy every moment of it!

  4. It WILL be perfect I'm sure Evonne. Enjoy every second of it. Will be thinking of you.

  5. Thanks everyone for your support. Getting buttterflies now - but in a good way - I think!