Wednesday 7 March 2012

Publication day! Or, where have I been this week.

I've had a spectacular week, and it's only Wednesday! Monday I was in London. Always a cause for celebration, but this was even better than usual because it was for the RONA Awards ceremony - the Romantic Novelists' Association's equivalent of the Oscars.

I spent a lovely sunny morning taking pictures of locations that appear in Never Coming Home - I'm planning a blog trail of places that feature - like a certain bench in St James' Park, where I nearly got run over by a lorry from the Royal Parks. Look out for that at a later date.

No - it's not mine!
Then I went back to my hotel, put on my glad rags and more makeup that I have worn in a long time and took the bus - number 176 - and a very pleasant journey it was, to 1 Whitehall Place for the Awards. Many people have blogged about that - you can see an account, and take part in the voting for the winner of winners, on the RNA's own site. Choc-lit had three nominations and won two of them. Hence the picture of the lovely glass star. That one is Christina's but Jane's is equally lovely. Much champagne and celebration.

And today is publication day for Never Coming Home. I have waited over a year for this, and it feels very strange. Like having a birthday. And there's more to come, as the official launch will be next week in Waterstones in Cardiff, when I will talk about the book. Shutting me up is always the problem. And there will be chocolate. I hope to see a lot of friends there. If you don't come, I shall be forced to eat the chocolate by myself. Which would be a tragedy.

You can tell I'm excited today - I'm babbling.

And a delivery man has just brought a parcel, from my publishers ...


  1.! Enjoy every moment, Evonne. I'm not sure if I can make the launch but will definitely be buying the book.

  2. Many congratulations, Evonne! May 'Never Coming Home' bring you your own star.

  3. Thank you both. And sorry for getting in the way of a woman and her hot dish, Chris!

  4. So so so pleased for you Evonne. Happy Happy Happy publication day. Cannot wait to read Never Coming Home - it's on top of my reading list. Hope you are having a fab day

  5. Thanks Sarah - next year, you too!