Wednesday 9 January 2013

A week with a Scottish flavour?

Maybe it started because we had haggis for lunch on Sunday ... Powerful stuff, haggis.

On Monday there was a small family mystery, involving a book set in Scotland. I've been looking at old treasures in order to do an Inheritance Books blog for Rhoda Baxter, author of Patently in Love, whose second book will be out in March - it's called Having a Ball and it has a smashing blue cover. The inheritance blog involves telling the story of two books, one you have had handed down to you, and one that you would chose to hand on to the next generation. You'll have to check out Rhoda's blog to find out what I chose - I'll let you know when.

One of the books I found in my 'inherited' collection is called Sons of a Day, by James Lorimer. It's an historical romance set in Scotland and was published in 1932. It cost seven shillings and six pence, which I think is the equivalent of about 75p in modern money. It has a home made brown paper cover under the dust jacket, and a compliments slip inside from a publisher and bookseller in Preston, but no indication of who it belonged to, or how I came to inherit it. My mother doesn't recognise it, and there is nothing inside to indicate that it was a prize from school or Sunday school that she has forgotten. There would be a fancy book plate if it was. I assume it came from my grandmother, but there's no name or inscription to provide a hint. Why was it kept and handed down? A mystery. The author seems to be a bit of a mystery too. I've found a number of copies of the book for sale, but no information on the man who wrote it. A strange curiosity.

And then on Tuesday I received my Celtic Muse button from the Celtic Hearts Chapter of the Romance Writers of America. A man in a kilt. Is there a theme developing here? I'm looking forward to wearing the badge  - I'm expecting it to be a talking point at romance events. The Chapter celebrates all things related to Scotland, Ireland and Wales - but especially romantic reads that are set in those locations.

So what might Wednesday bring? Pipers, piping? Caber tossing?  Highland dancing?

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