Wednesday 16 January 2013

An unexpected book

The launch of book number two is on the horizon, and of course the question then arises, 'What next?' I have a couple of novellas nearing completion - but what about another book? I have been thinking about it, and planning. The plan was to have a look at a bottom drawer manuscript that I love, but which needs a bit of work - actually, I think it may be two books, tangled together, that need to be unpicked. I've also been researching for another that would feature a lot of Gothic art and architecture - research, don't you just love it.  And then, over Christmas, I was watching a few old films- To Catch a Thief and both versions of the Thomas Crown Affair and the thought started to grow about how much fun it would be to write my own version of a heist book. And the idea started to grow, and grow - and now I have three robberies, a snow bound hideout in the Brecon Beacons, a large dog ...

It looks like this may well turn out to be book number three - now where did that come from - it was never in the plan.

Books have a habit of creeping up on you and refusing to go away until they are written. I'm afraid I have one of those on my hands. 

There is another curious thing. In Out of Sight Out of Mind, I invented an organisation, called The Organisation, to be the villains of the piece. Now it seems as if they may be the villains of this book too. Now how did that happen?    

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