Wednesday 30 January 2013

It's here!

I'm holding a printed copy of Out Of Sight Out of Mind in my hand - and it's gorgeous. The book opens with my heroine, Madison, investigating a dark alley where she may have sensed an interesting presence - interesting to her, because she's a scientist who reads minds. The cover designer, Berni, has perfectly captured the sense of loneliness and menace that I was trying to convey in the opening pages. Of course, Madison does not stay alone for long, but her first encounter with Jay, the hero, is not exactly a conventional romantic meeting ...

A photo can show the look, and the glorious colour, but it doesn't show you that the white writing of the title is embossed, so that there is texture as well as colour. As you might have guessed, I'm rather pleased with it. Thank you Berni!

The book will be available in paperback on 7th March, but before that there is a very special promotion, celebrating the run up to Valentine's day. Drop back on Monday, please, when I can reveal more about it. At the moment, it's a secret.

In honour of book two, I'm planning to change my twitter logo @evonnewareham  to my fabulous new cover. (Wish me luck with that. I'll need it!) and my website is getting an update. I'll let you know when all that goes live. In the meantime, I'm going back to admiring the book. And maybe stroking the cover, if no-one is watching ...


  1. Congratulations, Evonne - that looks fab and sound right up my street too. I wish you every success with it and look forwards to reading it.

  2. Thanks Chris. It's a bit different from Never Coming Home - no mind reading in that one :) but still scary - and romantic.

  3. Goooooooorgeous! So pleased for you Evonne - looks fabulous. Can't wait to get one in my mits - sounds like one I'm going to love X

  4. It sounds just my cuppa, Evonne. I'm sure it will be a huge success.

  5. Thanks Liv - I'm happy as long as people enjoy reading it :)