Wednesday 25 December 2013

All I want for Christmas ...


Thank you, Selfridges, those will do nicely.
 But I think I'll need a smaller size. 
I hope your day is going well, the turkey is in the oven and everyone's presents lived up to their hopes. 
I've been thinking about the sort of gifts my characters might have been wishing for. With the girls, that's easy, if I like it, they probably will. And you can't go wrong with shoes. My current objects of unreasonable desire are those produced by Charlotte Olympia. I particularly covet the pumps with the signs of the zodiac, but the cat faces are cute too, or the owls ... Judging from Selfridges Christmas window displays, I am not alone in this interest. Unfortunately, as well as being very desirable, they are also very expensive. I never do things by halves. I'm not expecting to be wearing a pair any time soon. But a couple of my new heroines might be able to treat themselves. That's the thing about being a writer, you do get to live through your characters.

As for the men - the secretive types I write about can barely admit to their own names, much let what they might want for Christmas. But actually I have the perfect present, for all of them. I'm creating the women of their dreams ...


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