Tuesday 31 December 2013

Just a little something for new year ...

Posting early this week, to wish everyone happiness and fun on New Year's Eve.

An unorthodox Santa, courtesy of Selfridges' Xmas window display
I make no secret of the fact that I'm not really into writing short fiction - too many words in my head, battling to get out. But whenever the call goes up for a little something, after the initial reluctance/panic, depending on who is asking, I do occasionally give in and have a go. And it inevitably ends up much longer than the word limit. When Leigh from Mystery People asked for three sentences of festive flash fiction the gruesome little offering below came into my head. More horror than crime, and much longer than three sentences, so no use at all for what was wanted. Even so, I thought I'd like to share it here.

A cautionary tale for everyone attending a fancy dress party tonight?

The zombie shuffled down the garden path. At this distance from the house the sounds of the party came in snatches. Music and laughter and someone singing off key. A chilly moon lit up trailing bloodstained rags and heavily shadowed eyes in a deathly pale face. And the tell-tale red glow of the illicit cigarette. 
He jumped when I stepped from behind the tree.
'Hey - didn't see you there. Wow, same costume. Yours looks great.'
Fancy dress. Don't you just love it? 
I pulled him towards me and began to eat. 

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