Wednesday 18 December 2013


My publishers, Choc-lit, are helping along the Christmas spirit with twelve days of romantic Christmas flash fiction. (Chocolate is also involved, a special discount offer from the House of Dorchester.)

As I frequently complain, I have trouble with short fiction, but I've pulled out all the stops, and created a little tale with a slightly creepy opening, that takes place on Christmas Eve. Best draw a veil over the fact that at 1000 words it was originally twice the required size. I got it slimmed down in the end. The Choc-lit Facebook site promises plenty of fairy lights, tinsel and Christmas kisses. Well, actually no, my story doesn't have any of those things. As I said it's a bit creepy. But it is romantic. I'll have to leave you to judge whether it's romantic enough. It's called A Christmas Surprise, and it's a Choc lit exclusive. You have to sign up to get it. A Christmas present from us to you. Twelve Christmas presents, actually.
The instructions for signing on are below.

12 Christmas romances with discount codes for House of Dorchester Chocolates.
Simply email with the subject heading XMAS TREAT! You can also add your Smartphone number and get a text each day telling you that your Xmas TREAT! has been sent - plus a link to read on line from your Smartphone. No ereader required.

So, drum roll, please, as my Christmas flash is up today.

A Christmas Surprise.


  1. And beautifully-written it is too!

    1. Thanks Chris. I suspect mine might be the only one with a murder in it! Looking forward to yours.