Wednesday 4 December 2013

Who are you?

I've been wittering for some time about a new project - a set of three interlinked books, stand-alones which will also have an overarching story arc. They are the ones I'm 'building' my island for. At the moment it's all research - the fun bit - and planning, which is going on strictly inside my head. No danger of pen to paper. I like this bit, all supposedly work and none of the hassle of actually writing :) That day will come. It has to be fitted in around the 'day job' which is currently the half way point of production of a PhD thesis, but it will happen.

In amongst all this thinking stuff, my characters are emerging. Three books, so I have three heroines. Co-incidentally they have organised themselves into a blonde, a brunette and a red head. I'm getting insights into what makes them tick and more will emerge when I start to write, but they already have distinct personalities.

Sarah, heroine of the first book is the brunette. She has shoulder length straight black hair, cut in a heavy fringe, which sounds severe, but which suits her, and dark blue eyes. She's an orphan, so some of her issues are related to finding a place to belong. She has no information about her past, so who she is is what she has made for herself. When the book opens her life is about to change drastically - for good and bad.

Leonie is heroine number two - she's Sarah's best friend and she is the red head. Very long Titian curls, like a Pre-Raphaelite painting. She's an artist who had a rather Bohemian up-bringing - her Mum was a 60's flower child - so Leonie is close to nature but very practical and down to earth, despite looking like someone out of an Arthurian myth.  She's not above dressing the part though, if the mood takes her.

Romilly is the blonde - an actress, very self confident and talented, with an over-protective father who drives her mad on occasions. She's the nosey, curious type, never afraid to open a door to see what is behind it. She is planning to win at least two Oscars as well as a shelf full of theatre awards, so while she is a practised flirt, she has absolutely no plans to fall in love. Although there was a boy, once ...

So - those are my heroines. Of course, a heroine needs a hero, but none of my three had any plans to get involved with a guy who works for some sort of secret intelligence organisation.

But when you meet Mr Right ...

Next week - three candidates for Mr Right.

Well, maybe ...

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