Monday, 10 February 2014

A Robin for Valentine's day?

It probably hasn't escaped your notice that it's Valentine's day on Friday. And the authors of Choc-lit write romance - so, what did we do to celebrate?
The answer is a Robin. A round Robin - in which five of us formed a chain to write a story which will be appearing in instalments on some great book blogger sites every day this week. I'm told there will be questions and a give away too.
It's fun and a bit scary to get an e-mail with the other segments and then have to write your piece. I'm day 4 - and I have to thank Janet, Kathryn and Sue for setting up a smashing story for me to follow. When I saw it I decided it was my job to create the villain of the piece ... it's what I do, after all.
Here is the line up for the week.

Day 1 Monday

Day 2 Tuesday

Day 3 Wednesday

Day 4 Thursday

Day 5 Friday

And if that's not enough there is currently a goodie give away on Shaz's blog

And a whole list of Choc-lit books on Kindle special promo from Amazon - including Out of Sight Out of Mind.

Have a fun Valentine week.

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