Wednesday, 5 February 2014

Waiting for the gas man

That's what I'm doing this morning. It's not as boring as it might be, because I'm talking to you, but still a chore to be got through. But - there are people who will do that for you - you have to hire them, of course, and I think it's probably a bit beyond my budget at the moment. But it hasn't stopped me writing about one. I wanted a heroine with a job that would take her into all sorts of different situations - for reasons of the plot. And so Cassie, who runs her own concierge service, was born. A concierge service is one that gets you things - like tickets for sold-out shows - does things - like waiting in for deliveries or collecting dry cleaning - or organises things - like house hunting and dinner parties. Cassie gets asked to do a job that doesn't appear on her usual list, which lands her on the Italian Riviera with an extremely hot guy. I'm sure real life concierge services don't have that happening too often, but hey - I'm a writer - I invent things.

The book is a novella and the current WIP. It's been a WIP for quite a while as it's a manuscript that I'd completed and put away when I didn't find it a good home. I've been rewriting and revising it and it's finally almost finished. It's just getting its final polish. Once that's done it will be going off to Choc-lit. If the Choc-lit tasting panel gives it the thumbs up, I hope it will be out as an e-book novella some time later this year. As it's something I did a while ago, it's a bit different from what I'm writing now. It's more of a rom/com, although it does have a crime in it and a mystery. It was fun to write and I still thought it was fun when I found it in the drawer and re-read it, and I've enjoyed revising it, putting in all the things I've learned about writing in the meantime. Fingers crossed the panel will like it too. In the meantime, I'm still waiting for the gas man.

Hang on, is that the door bell ...

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