Wednesday 26 February 2014

Falling - again.

When you write thrillers the subject of killing people comes up from time to time. Can't be helped, it's in the job description. I've been thinking, in a desultory way, about the killing in the next book. Nothing too
definite, you understand, just gently musing. It has crossed my mind though that I do have a bit of a thing about people falling off buildings. Where that one comes from, I have no idea. I have no idea about a lot of
things in this writing lark, as you will have gathered if you read these posts on a regular basis. I think a large chunk must happen when I'm asleep.

Plenty of water, but nothing to fall off. 
Anyway, to get back to murder. I decided that this time I would make a concerted effort to find Something Different. In view of the terrible weather, drowning came to mind. I could imagine hero and villain, splashing about in the water, but somehow the picture wasn't right. Various scenarios played in my head, at various points in the day - and yes, the hero did look rather good in that wet shirt, but that is between me and my imagination and has nothing to do with this post. As I've said, images came and went, until I realised that the scene had relocated itself and was now on a bridge - and before I knew it  - ahhhh - the villain was falling off the bridge into the water.

I'm going to have to make more effort to get away from this obsession.

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