Wednesday, 12 February 2014

In a change from our usual programme ...

It's Valentine's day this Friday. I think you've probably noticed, with all the hearts and flowers in the shops. As writers of romance, the Choc-lit authors sometimes get a bit carried away on such a red letter day. To celebrate this year, we're doing a round robin story - that's like a game of consequences where one author writes a bit and then passes it on to the next. It started on Monday and will go on until Friday. Today it's Sue and tomorrow its me! So, to see what I've come up with, hop over to Chloe's Chick Lit Reviews
and then follow the story to the conclusion with Isabelle on Book Girl of Mur-y- Castell.

And talking of hops - I've been persuaded to take part in the My Writing Progress blog hop, where authors answer questions about their WIP. It takes place on a Monday, so next week's post will be on Monday 17th February. Drop in and see what I've chosen to talk about. I need to decide what exactly is my WIP by then.

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