Wednesday, 19 November 2014

10 things I like in books

I was daydreaming on the bus the other day, on the way to Cardiff and for some reason started on a list of things I enjoy in books. So today I thought I'd share it.

One of my favourite things to find in a book. Food!
1. Attractive settings. I like places I've been to, or might like to visit.

2. Food. Preparing it and eating it. I love descriptions of cooking and eating. And that's an opportunity for a shameless plug, as Choclit have an anthology of short stories out called Kisses and Cupcakes. With recipes.
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3. Art. I'm definitely drawn to books with painting, sculpture, etc. Usually someone stealing them!

4. Gardens - creating them, restoring them,walking in them.

5. Interesting occupations - I'm always open to learning about jewelry making, or glass painting or micro brewing, or whatever, Provided it's not over done. I don't need to know everyhting that the writer knows on the subject.

6. Sunshine.

7. Buildings - stately homes, small hotels, coffee shops, a B&B on the beach. I'm a push-over too for those stories about people renovating old buildings.

8. Amusing and/or intelligent animals.

9. History - but I'm a bit picky about that, Academic stuff is the 'day job', so I prefer the more frivolous kind in my escapist reading - swash buckling stuff. Yes, I know I'm a lightweight.

10 A happy ending. If I've made it to the end of the book, I want something positive at the conclusion.

That's my list. I don't think I'd ever score all of them in one book, but three or four and I'm a very happy reader.


  1. And irresistible heroes, Evonne???

    What an interesting idea for a blog. I enjoyed reading your list. One day, I shall put up my own.

    1. Thanks Liz - do you know, I didn't even think about the hero. :) Take that as a given?

  2. Really enjoyed this interesting post, Evonne. Like Liz, I feel like sitting down to think through my own now! I enjoy all the ingredients you list, especially 1, 2, 3, 7 and, of course, 10!

    1. Hi Clare I'd love to see your list, and Liz's - I think we will all have a 10 on it :)