Wednesday 9 January 2019

So many plots - and no time. At all.

Writers' Block is fairly well known - when a writer finds he/she cannot write for some reason. At the moment I appear to have whatever the opposite is - Writers' Avalanche?

I have ideas coming from all directions and none of them have any hope of being written in the foreseeable future, because, you guessed it - the day job. Until the thesis is finished I won't be writing anything that doesn't have lots of  'howevers' and 'It should be noted ...' and footnotes in it. And that won't be stopping until August.

I suspect that the aforementioned avalanche is my mind playing tricks with me - because it knows it is quite safe from having to deliver on any of this stuff, it is wandering around having the most tantalising fun it can think of. As a result, I have:

Regency assassins, including a lady poisoner. And don't anyone mention that I don't actually write historicals

A contemporary series about a shadowy security agency - to be fair, that one has been knocking on the door for some time. One of the episodes is partially written.

Another contemporary series about female friends setting up businesses in a small town - no suspense in that one. I may have a few pages of that, courtesy of a retreat day that the Welsh RNA Chapter held before Xmas. Well I had to write something, didn't I? And I really did not want to take the thesis. It was meant to be a day away from the thesis, and it worked - except I now have this new series ...

Another contemporary of a group of strangers thrown together on a package holiday. That doesn't have any dead bodies in it yet, but the plot is yet young ...

Something with clowns, because I snuck off for a day out over Christmas to the Clown Exhibitions at the Art Gallery on Bristol. I am now waiting for that idea to surface.

I have a horrible feeling that when I am finally free, all these ideas will evaporate like mist in the morning. Even so, I have at least three more of the Riviera series to go, some of them in various states of being written. And there are two stand alone contemporaries, partly done, one featuring second time around lovers, with added serial killers. I also have a partial of a mildly supernatural that has two romances and three separate villains. And there is that old manuscript that i uncovered the other day and started to wonder about un-picking ...


The brain is a wonderful thing - but right now mine is supposed to be focused on the day job.

I'm sure it's all a plot. Or too many plots ...


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