Wednesday 23 January 2019

The delight of too many commas.

Writing up a PhD calls for a complete change of my writing style, or maybe a return to my academic style?

When I'm writing fiction I go for short sentences, and paragraphs - one line is not unknown. Lots of dashes and ellipses, a complete disregard for the rule that says you never start a sentence with 'And', 'But' or 'Because' - although I do try to steer clear of ending with a preposition. I was brought up, right, me. 

My academic style is another thing entirely. Loooong sentences. Hello subordinate clause - haven't seen you in  a while. Commas, including Oxford, (although I think I put them in the fiction too) colons and semi colons! Liberal use of 'however' and 'therefore' and the occasional 'nevertheless'. Not used 'hertofore' yet, but I have hopes. Many Many Capital Letters. As my topic is WWII this is staying in period, as they were very fond of Capital Letters.

I still have the dashes and the paragraphs are still fairly short. I do have one or two one liners, but I expect they will come out in the edit. (Do you edit a PhD?)

Actually it's quite fun, weaving around all those commas and clauses and trying to make the stuff sound important. I think the word is 'verbose'.

Hope it doesn't stay with me when I finally get back to writing fiction again though.

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