Wednesday, 18 November 2020

Becoming an international best seller!

This week was exciting, as for a short time I was an Amazon international best seller - all down to a special promotion for A Wedding on the Riviera that ran over the weekend. I guessed it wouldn't last, but it was an enormous ego boost while it did, and I now have a screen shot with one of those coveted little orange stickers. 

Now I'm hoping that people who took advantage of the offer and catapulted the book into the best seller list will also leave me a review, once they have read it. Is that too greedy?

The weekend helped to make up for the previous week  when I lost my internet connection for nearly the whole week and with it an awful lot of zoom sessions.  Not a happy bunny. 

The WIP has had a couple of days running like a train - I can only hope that it is in the right direction. Yesterday it did go around in circles for a bit, but I think I have straightened it out now, and I've written the first kiss.  I'm hoping I don't find I need to unwrite it later this morning! The body count has begun to creep up in a slightly alarming fashion. My villainess is rather  getting out of hand. That's not a spoiler, because the reader knows who she is from the beginning, although the hero and heroine don't. I do get a buzz from letting out my inner villainess. I've got a minor villain too and he is giving me a lot of fun. Should I be admitting that? 

The other good thing that has happened is that I got my certificate for my PhD, so I am now completely and utterly legitimate. 

Although 2020 has been a horrible year on so many levels, that certificate has brought the completion of many years of work and the fulfilment of an ambition I have held for a long time. It's also seen the publication of my fifth book - that brief best seller. If I'm counting my blessings, and I am, those are top of the list. I didn't get to graduate, or have a launch celebration for the book, or that long awaited holiday/research trip to the South of France, but 2020 will be memorable for those two achievements, high spots to be remembered when I hope other things about the year will be forgotten.  

NEXT WEEK - The Christmas book season is well under way now, and fellow  Choc-lit author Kirsty Ferry will be joining me to chat about her latest festive offering. 

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